Project Experience



"CDCI has been an outstanding asset in our attempts to meet our different customer facilities requirements. They not only worked effectively with our DPW staff, but developed an effective teaming/partnering relationship with our customers.
CDCI has always completed each of our design/build projects, as well as our construction only projects, within the specified contract cost amounts
CDCI has also demonstrated a strong ability to work in occupied and sensitive areas in numerous different alteration/modification projects . . . We whole heartedly endorse this firm as an effective job order contractor, who we found to be very well qualified."
David W. Loudermilk, PE
Project Manager
Department of Public Works
Howard County, Maryland

Project Experience: Special Projects

This page is a sampling of CDCI's design build services for various county and state agencies on unique projects that required a variety of specialized services.

Select one of our projects:

Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center (911 Call Center)

CDCI provided design and construction services for approximately 3,000 square feet of office space within the core of an existing building. The new space housing the 'brain' of the Emergency Communication Center includes a radio equipment room, a UPS room, a Fibernet room, a CAD/AVL/Mapping Equipment room, and a telephone equipment room. Electrical load surveys revealed that the existing power was insufficient for the combined existing and new loads. As a result, an additional 1200 AMP service was installed. In case of power failure, two 750 KW emergency diesel generators with parallel switchboard were provided, and a 5,000 gallon oil tank with associated accessories was provided to support the generators for 48 hours.


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