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"I have been able to heavily rely on CDCI, Inc. for their architectural and engineering services for these lockups. This is a highly specialized requirement for which they have previous experience. This makes working with this vendor much easier as they have knowledge of the Holding Facility Accreditation Standards that we must comply with.
The aggressive manner in which CDCI, Inc. solicits estimates and negotiates with their subcontractors helps the county get the most reasonable price for the project.
I have been very pleased with CDCI, Inc. staff. Their construction crew is multi-talented and is proficient in their assigned tasks.
Over the years I have worked with many vendors; however CDCI, Inc. is the only general contractor that the Sheriff's Office wants to handle our projects. They are reliable, reasonable, pay great attention to detail, and consistently produce an excellent finished product for our office."
Jo Ann Ricchiuti, ASC
Project Manager
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Project Experience: Schools

CDCI, Inc. has completed over 100 design/build projects in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and a number of specialty schools in the Metropolitan Area.

Select one of our projects:

Design and Construction for the Installation of Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers at Greencastle ES and Washington Grove ES

CDCI provided all required architectural and engineering drawings for the installation of new walk-in coolers and freezers at both schools. Construction included demolition and removal of interior partitions, ceilings, and kitchen equipment to create sufficient space for the installation of new walk-ins. New construction included electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing and sprinkler systems modifications for the new walk-in coolers and freezers.

Montgomery County Public Schools: Greencastle Elementary School

Montgomery County Public Schools: Washington Grove Elementary School


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