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"CDCI finished the first stage several weeks ahead of schedule and brought both projects in on budget. I would recommend CDCI to anyone wanting a "top-notch" job."
Carol P. Morrison, Manager
NeoTech Incubator
The Center for Business & Technology Development
Howard County, Maryland

About Us

Principals of CDCI are registered professional engineers with diversified design expertise in government facilities, including: Montgomery County Government, Howard County Government, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Montgomery College, Anne Arundel County Government, Montgomery County Public Schools, Prince George's County Public Schools and Anne Arundel County Public Schools.


"CDCI has been an outstanding asset in our attempts to meet our different customer facilities requirements. They not only worked effectively with our DPW staff, but developed an effective teaming/partnering relationship with our customers.
CDCI has always completed each of our design/build projects, as well as our construction only projects, within the specified contract cost amounts
CDCI has also demonstrated a strong ability to work in occupied and sensitive areas in numerous different alteration/modification projects . . . We whole heartedly endorse this firm as an effective job order contractor, who we found to be very well qualified."
David W. Loudermilk, PE
Project Manager
Department of Public Works
Howard County, Maryland

"I'm sending this letter as a personal thank you for over 10 years of excellent service to Montgomery County. The success of your projects is well known by the county and can be directly linked to your company's relationship with county employees, subcontractors, and your own employees. Some of my own personal highlights and projects I have gotten some credit for include the County Executive's Offices, the offices of Fire and Rescue, Falls Grove Liquor store and the Avery Road HHS facility to name a few of many, many projects. My success and the success of these and other projects were principally due to the outstanding teamwork and overall management by your company. . . One of the strengths of your company has always been on site supervision and the daily, direct communication and cooperation that is provided."
Jamie MacKinnon
Renovation Unit Supervisor
Department of Public Works and Transportation
Montgomery County, Maryland

"In 2007 CDCI is currently wrapping up about $3M in high profile contract services. CDCI is an extremely competent company and has always done exceptional work for us.
The College has experienced a timely completion of many complicated mechanical and construction projects managed by CDCI.
The level of supervision consistently meets my often too high expectations. CDCI's response and follow-up to construction issues is professional and thorough.
In summary, CDCI is more than an outstanding Design/Build firm. This company is a collection of resourceful and enthusiastic individuals that posses both specialized expertise and broad construction knowledge that translates into an action plan that will benefit the client. The service provided by CDCI is considered a high-value asset to this College; I cannot recommend CDCI more heartily."
Peter Hanley
Senior Project Manager
Montgomery College

"I mention the courtroom construction projects, not to deter from all the other successful construction projects CDCI has performed, but to place a greater emphasis on the contractor's ability to coordinate multiple subcontractors, work in occupied and sensitive areas - all while providing a high quality workmanship, timely and within specified cost quotes. The phasing plan developed with CDCI for renovations of various construction areas, coupled with close daily communication with staff, minimized program disruptions . . . As the Court Administrator addressing many projects for the court, I have found everyone in CDCI to be professional, responsive, and highly sensitive to the needs of their customers. Management is dedicated to meeting time lines, budget and quality control goals. CDCI's craftsmen have made significant contributions to the Judicial Center, Redbrick Courthouse and more recently the Grey Courthouse. I give CDCI my strongest endorsement as a company that incorporates professionalism, skill, integrity and a corporate culture of customer care into its daily business functions."
Pamela Q. Harris
Court Administrator
Circuit Court for Montgomery County Maryland

"We have been pleased with their workmanship, timelines and quality of construction. We would not hesitate to use them on future projects and recommend then to other Government Agents and owners."
Joe Holoubek
Project Manager
Bureau of Engineering
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

"CDCI has executed various types of design-build projects across the construction spectrum in our facilities. They have completed the projects within the specified time frames and budgets. The members of CDCI and their subcontractors have shown the ability to perform quality work and have been able to work with MCPS in a cooperative and professional manner to meet our needs. They demonstrate flexibility to work around school programs and the sensitivity of ensuring the safety of students and staff."
Clarence Scott
Capital Improvements Contracting Supervisor
Division of Maintenance
Montgomery County Public Schools

"CDCI does not mirror the typical contractor who is late and needs extensions. CDCI also demonstrates the ability to make unplanned changes as the work evolves satisfying the occupant of the space under renovation."
Charles W. Peters
Administrative Commissioner
District Court of Maryland

"I have been able to heavily rely on CDCI, Inc. for their architectural and engineering services for these lockups. This is a highly specialized requirement for which they have previous experience. This makes working with this vendor much easier as they have knowledge of the Holding Facility Accreditation Standards that we must comply with.
The aggressive manner in which CDCI, Inc. solicits estimates and negotiates with their subcontractors helps the county get the most reasonable price for the project.
I have been very pleased with CDCI, Inc. staff. Their construction crew is multi-talented and is proficient in their assigned tasks.
Over the years I have worked with many vendors; however CDCI, Inc. is the only general contractor that the Sheriff's Office wants to handle our projects. They are reliable, reasonable, pay great attention to detail, and consistently produce an excellent finished product for our office."
Jo Ann Ricchiuti, ASC
Project Manager
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

"CDCI has been very successful in the past several years helping Montgomery County in Maryland, in designing and constructing its Capital Improvements Projects.
Qualities that CDCI presented to this County included: responsiveness, caring, attentive to projects, cooperation with project managers and user agencies to achieve desired goals, understanding and being mindful of project budget and time limitations, going beyond contract requirements to achieve deadlines even when it required after hour work, among other qualities that makes me very comfortable to highly recommend them for similar type of work for any organization or government agency."
Hamid Omidvar, AIA, Chief
Building Design Section
Department of Public Works and Transportation
Montgomery County, Maryland

"All dealings with CDCI have been very professional and courteous. CDCI workers are highly competent and well trained, and their overall workmanship was meticulous. They had an excellent grasp of working with the public while accomplishing their work under some of the most trying circumstances.
I am honored to have worked with a firm of such high caliber organization and workmanship and I have no reservations in expressing to you my complete satisfaction as well as that of the business and property owners within our extensive project area."
Bob Fischer, DHCA
Senior Planner - Project Manger
Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Montgomery County, Maryland

"CDCI excels in efficiency, trust, and conscientiousness. They have delivered both the projects in a timely manner with few construction change orders. Their response to all the owner generated inquiries has been prompt.
CDCI's record keeping and submittal tracking has been exceptional. In summary, I highly recommend CDCI as an outstanding Design/Build and construction firm. "
Anjali Gulati, Architect
Project Manager
Department of Public Works and Transportation
Montgomery County, Maryland

"CDCI excels in their ability to coordinate multiple subcontractors while managing multiple projects in facilities countywide. The CDCI staff are pleasant, responsive and work well in occupied areas scheduling activities around operations to minimize disruption and impact to County employees and the public. Over the course of several years the County has received quality services from CDCI under the Job Order Contract and I would rate their performance overall as outstanding."
Steve Batterden
Office of Real Estate
Department of Public Works and Transportation
Montgomery County, Maryland

"CDCI finished the first stage several weeks ahead of schedule and brought both projects in on budget. I would recommend CDCI to anyone wanting a "top-notch" job."
Carol P. Morrison, Manager
NeoTech Incubator
The Center for Business & Technology Development
Howard County, Maryland

"CDCI developed a detailed phasing plan, discussed it with program staff, revised the plan that met our requirements and then briefed everyone on what to expect as the renovation progressed. CDCI accommodated unexpected program changes without revisions to the master schedule. Each phase of the project was completed prior to the scheduled time of completion. CDCI is an excellent company and it has been a pleasure working with them."
Neil A. Shorb
Staff Director
Fire and Rescue Commission
Office of the Fire Administrator
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

"The communication and working relationship among CDCI, Inc. the County Project Manager and laboratory personnel were excellent. I found CDCI, Inc. to be extremely responsive to our needs and concerns during the construction phase and after the project was completed. The project was completed by the deadline set by the county. CDCI, Inc. did an excellent job of constructing this laboratory. Personnel from forensic laboratories, which are moving into DNA analysis, have visited our laboratory for ideas on how they should set up their facility. Experienced DNA analysts have complimented not only the quality of our laboratory, but also its design."
Richard P. Gervasoni
Chief Forensic Scientist
Montgomery County Crime Laboratory


Since our inception in 1985, we have successfully completed numerous task order contracts, job order contracts, and many other contracts with various government entities that include:

  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for Washington National and Dulles International Airports
  • Montgomery County Government
  • Howard County Government
  • Montgomery College
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Anne Arundel County Government
  • Prince George's County Public Schools


Completed projects for these contracts include:

  • Renovation Projects
  • New Addition Projects
  • New Construction


The projects have ranged from minor renovation jobs to the construction of new facilities with costs spanning from $6,000 to $5,000,000. Over 60% of the projects were interior renovations that included considerable mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire alarm work that required construction while facilities were occupied.